How much does outdoor lighting cost?

The short answer is, it depends. The long answer can be found here. I generally tell people to allow for about 1-5% of the property value for an outdoor lighting budget.

Do I need a lighting designer?

Not everyone needs a lighting designer. If you are just trying to add a few lights to the front of the house you probably don’t need a ton of design expertise. But for bigger projects I definitely suggest hiring someone. For more on that read my blog here.

LED or Halogen?

At this point there isn’t much point of installing halogen lighting. It requires way more energy and is generally more expensive to install. LED fixtures are a little more expensive but you more than make up for that with the energy savings and the hassle you’ll avoid by not having to re-lamp fixtures every 6 months.

What are the benefits of landscape lighting?

Safety, security, beauty, the list goes on and on. Read about it here.

Why are the lights at big box stores so much cheaper?

The fixtures that you will get from a professional outdoor lighting designer are going to be much higher quality than what you will find at a big box store. They will be much higher quality materials and will last much longer.

Will the installation of my lighting system disturb my yard?

Not if you hire the right installer. Hint hint.

Can I add more lights later?

Of course you can!

If I have an old system can I repair it or will it need to be replaced?

Sometimes it can be repaired but honestly it probably will cost you just as much to replace it. It really depends on who the installer was and what they installed. This is another good reason to hire the right person the first time.

Should I do 12V or 120V?

I recommend 12V. It is safer, less expensive, and there is a much larger variety of fixture types. It’s also much less disruptive to install than a 120V system.  LED has come a long way as well so you can get just as much light out of a very small low energy lumiere.


Why do I need a maintenance plan?

Because your outdoor lighting is…well, outside, it has to withstand much harsher conditions than other home upgrades. Weather, foot traffic, lawn maintenance, etc. all factor heavily into how well your landscape lighting holds up over time. A maintenance plan will ensure that your fixtures are always aimed where they need to be and that the proper voltage is maintained to ensure that you get the maximum life out of your lumieres.

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