People often ask me how much landscape lighting costs and it’s a tough question to answer. It’s almost like asking how much does a car cost? I can probably get a car that runs, has no AC, no stereo, and will overheat every 20 miles for less than $500. I can also spend a few hundred thousand probably even a million (well, I couldn’t spend a million but I’m sure there are some that could).

Landscape lighting is very similar. There are a huge range of products and some are much better than others. Even the design approach is very subjective. What you really want is someone who will listen to your needs and put something together that you are comfortable with. Depending on your budget that may mean doing the installation in different phases over several months or even years.

We have several solutions and can work with most budgets but in general our installs start in the low $2000s and go from there. A good rule of thumb is about 1-5% of your home value. Having a budget beforehand is always a good idea before talking to a lighting designer. It is much easier to figure out what kind of solutions we can offer if we know what budget considerations we have to keep in mind.

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