Our installations are executed with the care of your yard at the top of our minds. All cable burial is handled with hand tools to ensure that we have minimal effect on your landscaping. We are careful to avoid root systems and we strive to leave your yard looking as undisturbed as possible.

Minimally invasive installation technique

We dig every trench for burying wire with hand tools. Some companies use trenching machines and while this certainly saves on labor it can be very bad for yards. Hand tools makes it far less likely that we will kill plants or damage your landscaping. We try very hard to leave your yard looking just as good as it did when we began the installation.

Night-time Adjustment/Aiming

After every install our lighting designers will return to the site after the sun sets to ensure that everything is aimed correctly and that the design meets or exceeds your expectations!

Employees are continually trained on safety issues

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Sometimes we are unable to install the ideal design all at once. Whether it’s budget constraints or waiting on future landscape expansion, we always plan to add to our systems. We generally size our transformers to account for future expansion and we size wire and plan wire runs with that in mind. Once you see the light, you generally want more. And we LOVE that. So don’t worry if we can’t do it all right away. We will make sure that we can add to the system later.

  • Room to expand your landscape lighting system
  • Design in phases if necessary
  • Easy for future additions


You can rest assured that on the install date everything will go smoothly. Your yard will not be destroyed and everyone will practice the highest safety standards. When we pack up to head home we will leave little to no trace that we were ever there and when the sun goes down you will absolutely love the finished lighting design.