Our design service includes an initial assessment, up-front budget pricing, a site consultation with a trained lighting designer, and if necessary, a nighttime demo. We will discuss LED lighting technology thoroughly and go over the pros and cons of different lighting types. You will have all the information you need after speaking to our lighting designers that you should be able to make an educated decision moving forward.

Initial Assessment

From your initial phone call we will be asking questions about your design preferences. Is your biggest concern safety? Security? Beauty? How do you want your system controlled? Are you looking for something more dramatic or something subtle? How long do you plan on staying in your home? The list goes on.

Up Front Budget Pricing

We will take a look at your house on Google or you can send us photos. We like to give all of our customers a realistic budget expectation upfront so there are no surprises. After we have an initial discussion we will schedule an in-person design consultation where we will walk the site with the clients and get information about the install. After all questions are answered and we have a both have a good idea of the scope of the project we will put together a final proposal. If everything is agreeable we ask for a 50% deposit to get all materials ordered and once all the materials are in stock we will schedule the installation.

Night Time Demo

If, after a client receives a proposal they are having trouble envisioning the lighting design, we are happy to bring out a temporary system so that we can show the customer what it will look like at night. It’s not an exact representation because we don’t have all fixture options in stock since everything is custom ordered for specific jobs. But it’s enough to give a basic idea. This service is essentially free as long as you book the installation. If you book the install the same night as the demo then the service is free. If the client still needs to think about it a little, we charge $250 that will be applied to the final installation cost.


All of our designs are custom-tailored to your home and your landscaping. We don’t offer any cookie-cutter options or packaged lighting systems. We discuss the budget upfront so that you are able to make the most educated decisions based on your specified needs.

  • Transparent Budget Pricing.
  • On Site Design Consultation.
  • Thorough Landscape Lighting Guidance
  • Night-Time Demo


We offer ongoing maintenance to all of our projects after the initial 2 year warranty period to ensure that your system is always in terrific condition and your home always looks great! We encourage all customers to have us by at least a few times a year to check up on your lighting system. We check the electrical systems to ensure optimal performance as well as clean, re-aim and adjust fixtures to account for landscape changes.